How to deploy Rails4 to Heroku? (with ActionCable)

Thank you for continuing to follow this tutorial. If you stumble on this post and don’t know what happening, please check Part 1  ,  Part 2 and Part 3 that covers basic setup and styling. Also please check  Live Demo for the final result. If like to deep straight into code, here is the source code for all 3 parts.


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  • verified heroku account
  • postgresql
  • heroku command line tool
  • git

For deployment to Heroku I will be using amazing example from heroku blog 

First of all go to your Gemfile and uncomment line:


gem 'redis', '~> 3.0'

Then run:

bundle install

Create heroku app, by going into your

heroku create notificator-rails5

Add redis to our app (it requires verified account, but redis itself is free up to 10 connections)

heroku addons:add redistogo --app notificator-rails5

Get redis url that is used for production

heroku config --app notificator-rails5 | grep REDISTOGO_URL

You will get something like this:

REDISTOGO_URL: redis://redistogo:[email protected]:9490/

Put this variable into cable.yml  (please change your redis url to the one you got from the heroku)


development: adapter: async test: adapter: async production: adapter: redis url:redis://redistogo:[email protected]:9490/

Next step is to specify websockets url path. Go to production.rb and add following lines:


config.web_socket_server_url = "wss://" config.action_cable.allowed_request_origins = [ '', /*/ ]


While you are in production.rb, we need to do a special fix for Heroku to show assets:

change from false to true:


config.assets.compile = true

add :


config.assets.digest = true

Cool! We are good to go!

Commit this and push to master:

git push heroku master

In case when its succeeds you still don’t see your website, run:

heroku rake db:migrate

to force  database migration

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