MSP or DIY: What Is the Best Option for Your SD-WAN Deployment?

The rate of SD-WAN adoption is quickly rising to the point of ubiquity. In an era of distributed environments — including applications, employees, cloud, Edge, and data centers — navigating network complexity has become an increasing common challenge.

Recent ESG research found that 54% of survey respondents felt restrained by network complexity in terms of both operational efficiency and user experience. Impacted companies have two solutions for deploying SD-WAN: Do It Yourself (DIY) and or via Managed Service Providers (MSP). It’s up to IT leaders to choose the approach that will most effectively manage their deployments.

In this 45-minute webinar, Bob Laliberte, principal analyst at ESG, and Kevin Klett, senior director of product management at Juniper Networks, break down the value proposition of each option. The two industry leaders share and debate the pros and cons of both DIY and MSP.

Primary discussion points include:

  • The five key characteristics of an MSP or DIY SD-WAN deployment
  • The pros and cons of both approaches and what to look for in each solution
  • The network performance and operational efficiencies delivered by each route
  • Insights from real-world businesses that have deployed SD-WAN by DIY and MSP

Don’t miss this insightful discussion into one of the most consequential decisions impacting businesses in the 21st century. Listen now to make the best call for your needs.


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